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I have decided to fill my unemployement days with... self-education! Temporarily. This week I'm teaching myself Flash 5 - I got on about a week ago and read user reviews for flash books and bought Foundation Flash 5, used, for $12. So far it's excellent... I've been working for basically a day and a half and I'm up to chapter 5. Flash is usually a total waste of time but if I could make games and stuff it'd be fun. I mean, dear jakob even said Flash was "99.9% bad", so I'm not about to go redesign my website around it or anything.

I think next I'll go back to learning the less fun stuff that I've been trying to get around to for years, like Perl and C++. It must be funny for those of you who've read my journal for a while to hear me saying I'm going to learn more Perl. No really, this time I mean it!

I've got the books, so that part is out of the way. I think I'm typical of most people in that I learn much better out of books than online tutorials and such. And teaching yourself things is a skill that's just always good to have.

Went to bed at midnight last night, slept until almost 10 this morning. Must stop the excessive sleeping! It's not a special-extra-sleep time of the month anymore, you know? I keep working out thinking that will regulate me. When I was running track, seriously running, I actually slept less and ate less and everything. I slept deeper. I ate better. It was a whole perfect body science that I'll probably never experience again. It's funny being in the weight room now not building strength - I'm doing sets of 12 because I'm toning, not building. Did make a move to some freeweights though. I liked the little new member orientation thing at the club where they show you all the machines, but the athelete in me just can't do arm curls like that.
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