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terrible twos

Last week or whatever I was writing about how we had so much snow I had to "work from home". I put this in quote marks because my productivity at home is NOTHING compared to the quiet office, it's an arrangement that works great for some people and maybe with time I'd figure out how to balance it, but with just a day here or there I basically felt like I got half a day of work. If that.

The only thing good about it is that I can start my day at 4am or whatever, if I'm planning to head to the office at 7 am I usually don't even bring my work laptop home, I make myself breakfast and putz around in my craft room and take showers and all that. But if the work laptop has to be started up anyway, and I'm sitting there with my coffee and egg sandwich, my head starts spinning about work just seeing the computer and I jump right in. It's productive, it's nice, I'm focused.

Until Josie wakes up. No amount of "mommy has to work" keeps this child from running laps around the dining room table. And part of it is my fault... she's cute! And I feel bad telling her I won't play with her, especially when she's walking up to me with her happy face magna-doodle pretending to be a waitress asking me if I want ice tea or lemonade (we go out to eat way too much these days). So I play along.

But there's another problem: she is two years old, and psychotic. I mean I've heard of the terrible twos but looking at my friends kids I can't decide if Josie is a little overdramatic for her age or not... she is intense. She likes to go play by herself now which is a big deal, I remember when she was a baby and marc CALLED ME to say "She looked at her mobile for TEN MINUTES!" and we were practically throwing confetti, we hadn't seen any sign of that sort of self-reliance in the months since she'd entered the world and demanded two hands on her at all times. Now she'll sit and read a book, or play with blocks, or play in her kitchen.

Until she loses her mind. Anything can set her off, and she screams and cries and begs for help and you sit there trying not to look and thinking "Should I ignore her to help foster independence? Or is her leg being cut off?" It's that bad. If she can't get the latch open on her little play toolbox she'll start up screaming and eventually you'll go investigate and JUST THAT SECOND, she'll go "Oh, I got it!" in her cute voice. And marc and I just look at each other like oh. my. god. The child is batshit crazy.

Here's this video to illustrate my point... it's 45 seconds long. 30 seconds is of her calmly stacking duplos. Then something bad happens, no matter how many times I watch the video I can't figure out what, but she screams and throws herself on the floor and sobs. Ten seconds later, she decides it'll be okay. This was easy for us to get video of because it happens continuously...

(turn your sound down, otherwise the shrillness will blow you out)

I have found comfort: this past weekend I was on pinterest and saw a picture of a baby elephant throwing a tantrum. Apparently we're not the only species who has to put up with this crap!

and their parents ignore them and let them play on and don't bother pointing out the fact that "you know what? you're a toddler and your life is not that difficult" because we know it won't get us anywhere. That's all we can do.
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