Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

bacon with the two year old

Josie wakes up and comes downstairs and runs to the couch to hug me. I tell her daddy's in the kitchen making us some breakfast... eggs, potatoes, turkey bacon! She says she LOVES bacons, I say I love bacons too!

Marc brings out our plates and sets them on the coffee table. I pick up my plate, josie is sitting by me and reaches for my bacon. oh hell no kid, I'm eating for two here, I'm like "NO JOSIE you have your own bacon here's your plate!" and hand her the other plate.

She's eating happily, then a minute later she holds out her strip of bacon to me and says in the sweetest voice, "Mommy you want to share my bacon?"

I'm the worst mom in the world, right? I take a bite of hers, wait a second, and say "Josie thank you for sharing your bacon with me, I love sharing! Do you want a bite of my bacon?"

She grabs the whole piece, smushes it in the same hand as her bacon, smiles and exclaims "Now I have two!"

Tags: food, toddler crazy
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