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our blizzard

I use to joke with people that my child would never see snow, because she was born too late into the climate change and in the two years of her life we'd never really had snow that stuck to the ground. Well apparently we have more of a "hold and dump" climate now or something, because we got dumped on... 14 inches of snow, they're saying!

here's the saga of the weather and my questionable decision making throughout the week.

Wednesday they said it was going to snow. I didn't believe them. I threw an ice scraper in my car, went to work, and held up inside my warm cubicle with no windows until 10am when I had to walk to another building and WTF IT'S SNOWING!

Like, crazy, and collecting on the ground, and I didn't have my boots, what a mess!

I did not walk anywhere outside for the rest of the day. I was supposed to drive some part samples out to a supplier for testing, but said I'd do it the next day. The roads weren't too bad, just a little slower.

Thursday we had a cubic ton of snow on the ground everywhere. Everything was cancelled. But I decided to drive to work. This time I had my snow boots. Thursdays are busy days for me, lots of meetings starting at 9:00, I wanted to be there despite the warnings. Plus where I work, we're tough... we don't close. Business moves on. I'd left my laptop at the office, which was dumb, so I couldn't just log in from the couch and check the status of things, but with all the meetings I'm not sure I'd have wanted to anyway.

Well the roads were awful. Beyond awful... nothing was clear. Even the highway was slick. But I made it.

Almost. I was maybe a mile from the office when my car slid into a snow bank. I got out, assessed the situation, realized I wasn't going anywhere, and started walking. Cars drove by and I stopped and looked sadly into the road... did not rub my 6.8 month pregnant belly, no :) Just stood there holding my coffee like a lost office worker who was not meant to be outside. And a guy picked me up.

We drove a while and he turned into our facility which is really like a campus, and I told him to stop, I was close enough, I didn't want HIM to get stuck. I was at a building that I know is normally about a ten minute walk from where my desk is.

I had snow boots, it wasn't so bad. It wasn't bitter cold or anything. Just kind of icy, and sometimes the snow got deep and was a bit of work to get through. Oh, and my coffee got cold. But I knew soon I'd be in the warm office full of people to help laugh off my car situation, we'd all have stories, we'd all have a lovely day. It was so quiet... just snow, and the buildings, and some airplanes we'd left out.

I get to my building, go up the stairs... and almost no one is there. None of the employees who work for me. Not the other group leads. I found the closest person I could and was like "No one is here... BUT ME?"


I call Marc crying on the phone asking why I'm not just home with him and josie... why was I so stupid, why'd I have to prove I was hardcore?

I kinda calmed down. The few guys who were there rallied together to dig me out. It didn't take long... a four wheel drive truck, an actual shovel. People who could shovel. I was out in five minutes with my car in our work parking lot.

I did get a lot done.

There was an option to get a ride home but everyone was like "Surely the roads are clear now." I didn't want to leave my car there. So a little after lunch, to give myself plenty of time, I left with my laptop to work from home. But the roads still sucked. I wanted to go slower than everyone driving around me, because I was shaken from already spinning and getting stuck once.

Friday the weather was nicer, but I refused to leave the house, the driveway was almost impassible anyway.

Saturday we had a huge event at the NCAT campus for SWE - our annual kids expo. But it went great! After two days of being snowed in, Wichita wanted to get out and our attendance was amazing.

But... they say we're supposed to get more snow. A lot more. I'm questioning all my decisions now, I feel like I already used up all my luck points on getting to work and back safely on Thursday. It's so sad, we spend three years complaining about how we get no snow and then what happens? all at once! and it only takes two days of it to say "you know what? this SUCKS!" the iffiness, the negotiations, the worry about whether you're punking out at work! what a pain, for those of us who overcomplicate things.
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