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new year! and other parties

Here's a blurry picture of my child being eaten by lion dancers:

kinda hard to photograph. too much movement.

anyway, it was out at thai tradition last night, one of our favorite local restaurants, we were there Friday night and the owners told us to come back Sunday for the dancers. "Even if you don't feel like eating, just come watch, the kids love it!" they said. This turned out to be a stretch... 90% or so of the kids were terrified, this definitely includes the asian babies whose parents even handed them over to the dancers for rides on the lion's back, these kids all had that "what have I been born into?" look on their faces. Josie kinda warmed up to it though. And there were drums, so she knew it was a party.

We think, but we're not sure, that we could not call them dragons because if there are two dancers involved to make a four legged creature it does not qualify for dragon status? but I'm new to this, we don't usually go out for lunar new year. maybe I was energized because one of a Vietnamese guy I work with gave me a shiny envelope for Josie with $2 in it so I felt "involved"... or because the thai owners were cool about letting us crash their party (we were the only non-shocked looking Americans there). We go there a LOT though. They know marc, they call him "happy man", even gave him crap in 2011 when he went on his big diet and didn't eat out for months, they noticed!

best crab rangoon I've ever had in my life, anywhere.

Where was I? Oh and maybe we went out because I still felt guilty about saturday night, when we went to a fun party with friends and Josie stayed back with grandma and grandpa and she was just pitiful about it, following us around the house wearing her tutu and carrying her "happy valentine's day" balloon that's been trailing her like a puppy since we bought it, saying "I want to go to the party! I love parties! I love blue parties! I love yellow parties! I want a cupcake!" We tried to tell her this was going to be a totally boring party, no cupcakes, nothing blue, but it didn't work. She completely broke down when we left.

In the future, whenever we go out on saturday night, we will tell our extrovert child that we are going to work meetings or something. Honestly I can't even think of places she doesn't WANT to go, she loves trips to the store and visiting pretty much anyone, so this'll be tough.
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