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obligatory godaddy hate post, superbowl edition

I actually wasn't going to blog about this because I know that all godaddy wants from their superbowl ads is attention, and at first I didn't have anything terribly new to say about it. But since a lot of my friends both online and in real life know about my special hate for godaddy they keep jabbing me about it, and a bunch of my facebook friends are already posting about it so I guess it did make some waves, can't hurt too much to throw my take in.

In case you didn't see the ad, they basically say "our company is smart and sexy!" and then they show a traditionally attractive skinny white woman and a fat pimply computer geek kid, and they start making out and the camera zooms in and you hear nasty making out sound effects and there's lots of tongue and everything.

First there's the obvious response that it's insulting to portray women as basically the opposite of "computer savvy". But it's no surprise to me that that's where they went because I've always known how godaddy feels about women, because they're idiots on other levels too, you can find all kinds of stories about horrible customer service and they were practically the only internet company dumb enough to think SOPA was a good idea. But if someone is too stupid to see women as people, the rest of that crap should never be a surprise.

I want to point out something else about our culture in general though... nobody wants to see people make out. I mean seriously. The the intent of the ad, and reaction to it, highlights that. It makes me think back to the gay marriage campaigns I worked on. Actually the campaign wasn't "pro-gay marriage" at all, we were trying to stop a constitutional amendment defining marriages as "one man one woman" even though no one in the state of Kansas had even TRIED to make it anything else, the right was just determined to be on the offensive.

But the news ignored this fact and every night, they'd talk about the story with this lead-in: "Is Kansas ready for GAY MARRIAGE?!" and then they'd show two guys on a San Francisco pride float just going at it, swapping spit like you've never seen. This, they said, was gay marriage. We'd have to watch guys tonguing each other every day. In parades. Yes they'd have parades every day too. With public money. Then they'd go into schools and throw glitter on your kids. That's the gay agenda. It goes: Marriage, tonguing, parades, thongs, glitter, glitter, glitter.

My point is, when you see that, always remember that there are thousands of combinations of people who you do not want to see making out in high-definition while eating doritos with your kids. We're so heteronomalized in this society, we see guys making out and immediately think about how gross it is, without ever questioning whether the things we do are actually gross to everyone. So if anything this stupid nasty ad serves to highlight this phenomenon, and deserves some props.

How's that for a take?
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