Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Eco-friendly shower head improvement idea (@Kohler)

Here's the problem with shower heads: you want an eco friendly "save the water" one, until it's time to get down to business and, say, rinse shampoo out of your hair, then you have to sit there under your non-existent water stream for like FIVE MINUTES and it's totally boring and sucks.

The world has solved this problem with fancy toilets in public places I've seen, flush handles that move in either direction depending on whether it's a good time to be saving water at all. But I haven't seen a shower head with something like that... unless my google skills have failed? Is it out there?

It just needs a nice little button or something you can push to get a satisfying gush of water for sixty seconds, then it automatically goes back to being responsible.

Speaking of inventions... I'd also like to see a stroller that doesn't make you fuss with all those annoying straps to get your baby to set in it. I decided last weekend that Velcro would be good for this. Just provide a huge Velcro onesie for the kiddo, have the inside of the stroller soft and fuzzy, and SCHLIPP... stuck baby!

I am full of wish lists.
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