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godaddy hosts porn posted without participants' consent

My godaddy hate factor list is like a soap opera, every six months you're going to get a whole new thing that you'll never expect! Except you kinda expect it. Because they are assholes. I seriously hope that every progressive or even tolerant-minded person in the universe knows to move their domains to one of the 8,000 registrars that quite easily offer lower prices or better customer service, without being run by such awful people.

'Revenge porn' site and host GoDaddy targeted in class-action lawsuit

From the article:

A group of 23 women have signed on to a class-action lawsuit in the hopes of putting a dent in the practice of "revenge porn" — a rather despicable type of online pornography that consists of user-submitted pictures, usually of an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and usually without the subject's permission.

Shocking how it's always the women who are victims of this sort of thing, because it's women's bodies that society views as being "for revenge".
Tags: feminism, godaddy hate list
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