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toddler letter skills & outsmarting your kid

Josie has these foam bathtub letters that have wound up all over the house, so the other day we're in the kitchen and she finds one right in the middle of the floor, picks it up, and says "The letter G!" I kinda did a double-take because Josie is NOT recognizing letters yet, at two and a half she is catching onto many things, but the alphabet is beyond her. She knows when something is a letter. She kinda knows the ABC song. That's as good as it gets.

So I figured the letter G had been in the kitchen for a while and someone had told her what it was and it was just the kitchen letter... I'd move it and mix it up a bit.

Two days later we're playing with her toys and there are 5-6 letters in the box, I grab a bunch and put them on the floor and say "Look, letters! What's this one?" It was a K, she just said "I don't know what's that one!" I tried a few more times. Then got to G. And she piped right up and said "The letter G!" hmmm.

Finally this week we're in the bath, she points up at a letter S stuck to the wall above her and says "I want that letter G!" It was not G, but it was PURPLE like the letter G...


I mean she picks up random stuff all the time... we went to the big downtown library, parked the car, she pointed straight ahead to the parking meter and said "Uh oh need to put money in!" I asked marc and he had no idea when they'd ever encountered a parking meter. And there was the time she found a dust mask in my dad's basement when I was looking around for stuff. Put it on her face, told me to open my mouth and started poking around my teeth. She did go to the dentist with Marc in October, just the one time, that's her only encounter with dentistry we can think of.

But letters is a whole new level, I really am curious about her progress there and although I was encouraging and corrected her nicely about the G thing, I was glad I figured out her "trick" too. Maybe for developmental reasons, maybe because outsmarting your kid only gets more important as they get bigger, right?
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