Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby names: the best and worst so far

So as I wrote a while back, I don't have a lot of fabulous girl names in mind for baby #2. I honestly didn't think up Josephine's name until I was pregnant with her, but once it grabbed hold of me it really worked, and after she was born I was convinced it was just AWESOME. The best. All other names paled in comparison.

It is perfect for the following reasons:
1) Sounds good being yelled from the hills in fits of rage
2) Has lots of nickname options, everyone calls her something different... Josie, Jo, JoJo, Jo Bug, etc.
3) A family name
4) Not too uncommon, not too common, I think it's around #200 for popularity (avoiding the top 20 is a MUST as far as I'm concerned)

Maybe the problem is that I just have a hard time picturing another baby girl besides her, she's kind of a take-over kind of kid. Or maybe names really are tough.

To entertain myself I read through threads of other people's names on the various forums and oh. my. god. All I do is judge and hate. I know. What's new.

You want a list?

Ten Names I Cannot Believe Anyone Would Actually Name A Kid, But Lord Help Us They're Planning To AHHHH!

5 Worst Girl Names... so far
1. Addilyn
2. Nyasia
3. Amery
4. Jentri
5. Bridlee

5 Worst Boy Names... so far
1. Bryler
2. Declan
3. Jaxsen
4. Tristan
5. Brezden

Don't worry, I've got lots more names on the NO list... mostly I hate weird spellings of traditional names, your child will not be cool and unique because her name is "Mykynzy", no, she's just gonna have her name spelled wrong all the time. Weird spellings are like a plea to spend extra energy remembering something a person, whether they're memorable or not. Well you know what I'll remember about your kid? That her family is annoying.

Anyway back to this baby... I like trying to think of H names because I think it'd be funny if the kid's initials were HAL. I don't like 2001: A Space Odysey, I haven't done enough drugs to like it. But it's a pop culture thing. That's really the only idea that's interesting so far. My mom & sister came up with some older family names that could work. Also, my due date is 5-8-13 which __ pointed out is in the Fibonacci series. Cool! Maybe there's a name like that... Fiona or something.

If I have her four days early, 5-4-13 is Star Wars day. I could name her Padme. Except, I can't.

Well, I've got months to think about it. Nothing to freak out about too much just yet.
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