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why I'm not flying

Maybe I should be flying. I dunno. I'm torn on it. And lazy.

My last flight was in October, when I took my dad up and posted some videos and all was well. But shortly after that, the pregnancy thing started catching up with me and I was nauseous. And the thing about nausea is that when you're a student pilot, flying with instructors, you can feel a little iffy in the morning or whatever but still get in the left seat because you know if something bad happened, your instructor could get you home. And honestly you're not even legally responsible for feeling totally up to par anyway, if you're sick you won't get as much out of the lesson, but you're not really responsible for the plane. Well I'm not a student anymore, when I go up it's just me, so I need to be HEALTHY. Both for legal reasons and just plain old safety reasons.

Nausea gave way to actual vomiting, then the bleeding, then the food poisoning which landed me in the hospital and prompted my doctor to put me on zofran, an anti-nausea drug, which gave me some other horrible digestive issues but didn't really do a whole lot for the morning sickness if you ask me... either way I was a medical disaster for like a month. And zofran is on the FAA's "no flying" list, like a lot of prescription drugs. Anyway there was November, December... now it's January.

And I'm healthy now! But I'm barely current, you have to have three takeoffs and landings in the last 90 days, and I know from experience that my limit is more like 50 days, then I might as well hire an instructor to go up with me.

Which I could totally do, then I could spend February and March flying. Then I can't fly in April because I'll be too pregnant, and in May there's the baby and I also know from experience that when you're nursing and wanting to be home with a tiny baby, every hour counts, flying is just not a very doable hobby to maintain.

And where the hell would I go in February anyway? It sucks. I hate flying in the cold. Global warming has made it not as bad lately, but let me tell you if you have to pre-flight an airplane in freezing temperatures, de-ice it, pre-heat the engine... an hour later you're wondering what the hell you're doing out there freezing your ass off.

I'm lazy and undedicated, I feel guilty, but I'm also telling myself that hey, we had a fun flying summer as a family. The husband, the two-year-old, I took my sister and dad on flights, got to some new airports, that's cool! Maybe when this next baby is two I'll have another fun summer like that. I realize this all makes flying sound so impractical and undoable but maybe that's just how it is.

I just know I sat next to a guy who had a pilot license but once he had kids it sort of got away and now it'd been like over a decade, and I was like "Don't you miss flying?" and he just sighed and said there was a lot on his list he'd like to do, but it doesn't happen. I so do not want to be that guy. Especially where I work, it just sounds so cliche to say "oh, flying, sure it's great but who can stay current?" well dammit, I want to. maybe not this year, but I don't want it to all go so far away it's just a glint in the distance.
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