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how we watch TV these days

We re-activated Netflix DVDs again, instead of having just the streaming service, because there were all these movies we couldn't watch and kinda missed them. Also, Marc kept buying total crap on itunes and I'd get mad at him, because they're overpriced, especially since you don't even OWN the damn movie when you buy it on itunes. if your internet connection is down, and it can't verify that right now this second you're allowed to watch this movie, you can't watch it. That, to me, is not worth $14.99, especially when for $7 or so a month we can get whatever movie exists in the world on DVD.

We hadn't watched new DVDs in years so I was surprised to learn that now you have to really hunt for the ACTUAL MOVIE to watch it on the title screen... what I mean is, the title screen will have options like "Watch in awesome mode", "Watch special features", "Watch commentary", "Just watch" and if you select anything BUT the "just watch" option, a screen pops up that says "you could watch in awesome mode if this was a BLU-RAY! But it's not! Whyyyy didn't you get the blu-ray? Your life must be so empty!"

Do people actually buy Blu-ray Discs? I'm so confused, I assumed that we as a culture were not going to do the format change thing one more time, we'd gone straight to digital everything. I'm in the generation that had to go from cassette tapes to CDs for music, and had to go from VHS tapes to DVDs, and we didn't even have the worst of it, our parents had to go from records to 8-tracks or something and I knew guys who bought laser disc players before we got to DVDs, or thought betamax was going to be the tape of the future and just guessed totally wrong, that sucks. I mean really, the industry thought we'd re-buy our collections again because the boxes changed blue? WOW!

Nah, we're mostly happy with netflix streaming, and installed our HD antenna so we can watch like four PBS stations and cut cable entirely. I'm surprised all this worked, I can't believe netflix is still getting away with sending everyone lots of TV for under $10 a month, when The Industry knows full well we were all paying $100 for cable back in the day. It seems like the content providers will rebel here pretty soon. Until then though, we'll get it while we can.
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