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2013 New Years resolutions

It's has become sort of a fun annual entry for me, where I review my resolutions from the previous year and make some new ones! Same rules always apply to new resolutions though: no carry-overs. If I failed at accomplishing something, obviously making it a resolution won't make it happen.

Anyway, here are things I wanted to do in 2012:

Eat less meat. I actually did pretty well on this, I made a concerted effort, especially at lunch when I'm on my own, to go vegetarian. And we worked some new recipes into our dinner routines like veggie burritos. But then I got pregnant and just wanted to eat freaking everything all the time every 45 minutes so it kinda went out the window, I'd eat grapes, apples, carrots, peanut butter and then be like fuck it I want a steak.

Write shorter lj entries. Normal people do not have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Did not do this, but some of you commented that you don't think my long-winded yammering on is too much of an issue really so I decided it was okay.

Read more than 15 books. That's how many I think I read in 2011, it's just good to trend that number up. I reviewed 13 books in my lj but probably read more than that, it's just that the more you read the higher the bar is for "oh I must tell friends about this book!" I'm sure I made at least 15.

Ride my bike. It's been hanging in the garage since we moved! FAIL.

Get the baby to sleep in her own bed. CHECK. That was really not a big deal. Once we bought her a toddler bed and she had to make a conscious decision to go to sleep in it every night, she learned to quit bugging us. Now we read a few books, sing twinkle little star, and she goes on singing in the dark by herself until she's out. This is a child who was sleep-proof for the first 18 months of her life so it's nice that they outgrow that sort of thing. You know, so you don't kill them.

Carry no credit card balances. I'm not gonna say it didn't happen this year, but I think we kinda got slammed with some stuff, either way right this second I am not carrying any balances.

Replace the light bulbs we use a lot, like the ones in the living room, with CFLs I did this, not thrilled, wrote a whole entry about it a few days back.

2013 resolutions

1) Remember to use reusable shopping bags more often (maybe this has been a resolution before? I have no idea...)

2) Take more good staged photographs of the guinea pigs

3) Fix the screened in porch that the dog ruined

4) Keep etsy finances very very separate, to make taxes/accounting easier than they're gonna be this year, which is a total disaster.

5) Post in the etsycontest blog once a month

6) Keep the craft room a shade cleaner, get rid of fabric I'm not using

7) Reorganize our closets so our clothing seems to fit in our house
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