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do you like getting printouts in online orders?

There was a thread in an Etsy discussion on whether a seller should print out the sales invoice/receipt and fold it in the envelope. I have NEVER done this and kind of totally refuse to, I think it's a total waste of paper and when people send me paperwork I always toss it as soon as possible. The cute business cards or thank you notes... sometimes I keep them around for a while, but eventually they clutter my room up and get tossed.

But all the other sellers on the thread said they print stuff out like crazy, it's "professional"! Sometimes I know sellers like spend time doing things that they think makes them cool or "adds that extra punch" or whatever, because they can say "I spent five more minutes on Etsy! I win!" But I suspect that nobody wins, except in the weirdly obsessed shop owner's imagination.

So when I sell something on Etsy I seal up the envelope, slap a paypal label on that baby, and off it goes.

How do you feel about getting printed stuff along with stuff you buy online?

Printed order invoice along with stuff you buy online?

I must have it, if you don't include it I will go online, print it myself, and think less of you.
It's nice, if you send it I'll feel warm and fuzzy and maybe keep it around for a while.
I don't care.
It annoys me to get these. Bad for the earth. Stop sending me paper.
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