Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

smart girl

You know you can be on your own friends list? Like a mog. half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend. Sorry for that, it just blows me away. I noticed a few days ago I was on my own friend's friends list because I'm a friend of my friends but not my friend but I feel bad friending myself to get off it because it's so... I don't know... egotistic.

(this brilliant thought brought to you by Spacefem. there's always something insightful coming here!)

Happy birthday, friedtoast. Happy birthday a few days ago to electroly. June is a fun month, huh?

Decided today that I am not going to graduate school, not yet anyway. epi_lj helped a bit with this decision but it also comes down to the fact that I've spent 22 years of my life doing nothing but being educated. What the hell kind of species is this? Can I join society already, please? I can't think of any animal that spends 20% of its life in training for... life. Plus, the main issue that's keeping me from getting a computer job I want is experience, and grad school won't help with experience one bit.

So I sent two e-mails today to apply for jobs. One is with (guess!) the Girl Scouts! Yes, they need a techie in their central offices here, I think I'd be more than perfect. The other is for a web development gig in Des Moines.

I feel like I need ice cream now. mmm... ice cream...
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