Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

first day of 2013

Well we didn't do anything for New Year's Eve, and it was totally fine with me! Although I felt bad for marc and josie, my party animals, josie loves parties and the thought that we could have hooked up with friends for some over-stimulating noisemaker action bugged me. But I cannot stay up late, and we weren't exactly turning down invites left and right, so we crashed early and it was totally fine.

She thinks the next holiday is marc's birthday anyway. poor child lives her life as a series of countdowns... we told her about thanksgiving to get her past halloween, told her about christmas to keep getting her past halloween (thanksgiving didn't cut it), and after christmas I told her it'd be her daddy's birthday soon. in one week! she brings it up all the time: "daddy's birthday is next week, I have to make special cupcakes!" all about it.

Last night, NYE, was a holiday that I knew was a holiday but chose not to clue her in on, so we made peanut butter cookies. Josie loves to bake. She tastes every ingredient, thinks it's going great because it's all butter and sugar, then we get to stuff like flour and it's not so great. I rolled the dough into little balls and she smushed them with a fork and sprinkled sugar on them and did... okay. some looked interesting. still cookies.

then we read a pile of books. I reported to marc that she thinks the killer whale in her sea world books is called baby shampoo.

today they went up to see his parents, so I'm hanging out at home and it's a nice last day of vacation! I had some computer time, I keep uploading more stuff to my open clipart library and am kinda proud that I got the hang of inkscape this year. It wasn't a resolution, per se, I just always thought of myself as a raster-only graphic artist and I'm getting better at vector stuff now.

then I cleaned a bit, had some lunch, and started a box of books to swap out of our little free library because it's getting kinda stale, and we have lots of crap laying around, including kids books that are just not the right age for josie or are annoying to read or whatever.

It's snowing. Yesterday I took a nice walk but it started drizzling and everything and was just miserable, the dog seemed to enjoy herself but I didn't. So today I'm just not leaving. I did my yoga tape yesterday to warm up and I think that will be the extent of my exercize for now, none of this outside crap. A week or two ago I tried jogging while out walking and it wasn't good, I got weird pains in my lower abdomen. When I was pregnant-sick I had to stop working out and just lost everything I'd worked up too, I'd been able to run a mile, then on and off jogging to get home, and I was getting stronger, but that's gone now and I don't think I can build back up to being a runner any time soon. bummer.
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