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Everything I did in 2012

Time for my annual year-in-review entry! A fun time to catch up on what happened, what you might have missed, what I might have missed, etc. Month-by-month as always even though some months are, well, a little slow. Also I have a LOT of political entries for this year, what with the election and all, it was a really interesting time to be a Kansas republican (who hasn't liked the republicans since 1997 or so... I do sometimes vote for some, you guys).

January: Started the year off in a stressful job, on a big IT project that had crazy stuff going on. Josie was saying words (mostly "No"). I joined the internet to protest SOPA - an "anti-piracy" act that would have gotten every website in the world in a real mess, hell spacefem.com could have been shut down for linking to a site that might have pirated content on it SOMEWHERE, it was crazy stupid.

February: Etsy sales were picking up for me, I was doing much better with the photography part of it and experimenting with fabric sales and custom orders and that sort of fun.

March: Managed to get my house to 20% OWNED so I no longer had to pay PMI, but then my escrow account was short and my payments went up $100 a month. WTF.

April: Passed my biannual flight review so I could be taking to the skies again as an adventurous pilot.

May: Went on a fun camping trip with friends. Got to leave the baby with grandma, took the dog, she was wonderful.

June: Baby turned two. Helped build a little free library on our street for the neighborhood to exchange free books. Also - FEMCON! Like 12 people came to my house to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of spacefem.com, there was much bonding and celebration.

July: Got my IUD removed, which was sort of an ordeal but it happened. Watched the olympics. Looked wherever we could to get Josie in the water and down waterslides because she was obsessed.

August: Visited some different churches. Flew to Topeka to give my little sister an airplane ride.

September: Took three pregnancy tests over 10 days that went: negative, questionable, positive. And that's how I found out I was pregnant again. For the record I still feel like a total asshole for getting pregnant so fast when all my other friends are struggling with unknown conception issues and think life is really unfair.

October: Got to see more blood come out of me than I'd ever seen before, cutting an otherwise productive workday very short and earning me a trip to the ER. Figured I'd scratch off one pregnancy but oddly enough, baby was okay. Diagnosis: SCH. Just something to give me a heart attack. Pregnancy is like a box of chocolates.

November: Election Day! And this year was like a gift-wrapped Christmas present to feminist where every asshole rape apologist in office got VOTED OUT, thank you very much. Lost my pilot currency due to pregnant sickness crap.

December: Started outsourcing Etsy business to a local non-profit that helps women, yay. Found out that baby #2 is still hanging on, and another girl! Also, world did not end.

Happy 2013, lj-land! See you all next year!


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Jan. 1st, 2013 02:08 am (UTC)
Happy 2013!
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