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Remembered another first vs. second pregnancy difference: my wardrobe. Except this one isn't what you think... they say with your first you spend all this money on so much stuff, and with your second you realize you don't need all that crap and you buy the baby a pack of diapers and wash the old onesies and you're off.

But you all know I'm too smart for my own good right? So first pregnancy, I read all that advice about wasting money and decided to do the whole thing as CHEAP AS POSSIBLE. We bought as much baby stuff as we safely could off craigslist and garage sales, and I refused to buy maternity clothes until they presented themselves as an absolute necessity.

My existing clothes will work just fine, I said. I'll buy some larger sizes so I can wear them when I'm not pregnant, I said.

So what happened? Well, I felt like a dump truck. I didn't realize the issue fully until I went to victoria's secret to buy a slightly larger bra and was confronted with giant posters of skinny models and I started crying in the dressing room, blogged about it, and YOU ALL were like, "Buy a stretchy comfy nursing bra, what are you DOING? No woman with actual breasts shops at VS anyway!" (I didn't know!)

I had one nice maternity sweater that I got on sale that I wore at least once a week, and it was cute, and I felt cute... all the other days I felt huge and awful.

The deal is that maternity clothes make you look blissfully pregnant, they're comfy but fitted in certain places and not-so-fitted in other places, and you've got new clothes and you just feel happy. When you're going to gain 50 pounds and live in a whole new body it gives you image issues, there's just no way around it. Wearing burlap sacks for nine months only makes it worse.

Oh, and all those "slightly larger sizes" that I thought would totally work after the baby? Hell no. The weight dropped off so fast from nursing and I was in such a hurry to get back into my skinny clothes that the baggy tops were almost torched in the front lawn. When I wasn't pregnant, I did not want to be REMINDED that I'd been pregnant.

So this time I've gone on some shopping trips because I've realized that even if I am a very logical woman, I have to feel good about how I look. If I woke up one morning with the body of some voluptuous curvy girl, I wouldn't just throw on a sweatshirt. I'd be thrilled to have actual hips and breasts to show off! I think you deserve a pass to take care of yourself through any body change you go through, even if it is temporary. Spend a little money.

Hell, all it does is reduce your baby clothes fund... and that little bugger doesn't give a crap anyway, you know?
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