Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

How I feel about paying higher taxes

The bad news is that nobody in Washington could agree on a budget that'd keep the bush tax cuts from expiring.

This is sad for all of us, because taxes are going up for pretty much everybody. I think even if you don't PAY any taxes, you'll get less back... the child tax credits are changing and everything. It's pretty crazy. And a LOT of money from everyone.

But honestly instead of being mad at washington I'm oddly okay with the whole fiasco because in the back of my head, I still feel bad about the bush tax cuts in general. I mean when they started, I thought it was an interesting idea. But then we started going to wars and I guess we just put all that on a big federal credit card? And medicare expenses keep going up. And social security is sort of crazy, but we didn't DEAL with it.

The point is that there's not a big federal credit card, it's our credit card.

A fun thing to play with, even though it's a year old, is the budget balancing game at the nytimes - there are other sites too. But it sort of puts things in perspective. I feel like the public is under the impression that our tax dollars all go to foreign aid or stupid earmarks... all a total waste, that's why we hate paying taxes. But when you look at it, cutting those things wouldn't make a huge difference. Military is a giant chunk, we all depend on it, we all appreciate it, we eventually have to pay for it. Social security is gigantic but we told people they could depend on it and it's hard to go back now, I wish we'd come up with a plan for the future. But "don't pay for it" can't be the plan. Taxes are something we pay for the things we promised, or the things we enjoy... it's not a charity or something we're oppressed with.
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