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Christmas, and baby shopping

Christmas! We got Josie all excited starting a month ago (mostly to get her over Halloween) and for weeks she's been telling us that nighttime is Christmastime (because you can see lights) and that Christmas is in "a couple weeks" even though she has no idea what a couple weeks is... there are two times in this girls' life, now and not now. We got an invite in the mail for her little friend's birthday and she immediately ran upstairs and changed into a party dress, it's like that.

But anyway Christmas came, we went to KC to hang out with my family for a few days. My sister got Josie a vtech camera for little kids and she photographed many things. Mom got her some sparkly shoes and ice cream play food and a baby stroller. We got back home and she got a remote control car and a ton of duplos from Santa and a big spongebob from marc's parents.

I got marc a fitbit - little pedometer-like thing you clip to yourself and it connects to your devices so you can keep track of your exercize. He loves it, all day he kept telling me to look down at his pants to see how his flower was growing. I got the ipad, but wrapped myself up a jellyfish light we got at a white elephant exchange so Josie wouldn't think I didn't have anything to open on Christmas, since Marc gave me the ipad a month ago, and I was glad he did because it's been awesome!

While up in KC we bought a nice stroller. It was on our list. With Josie we bought two strollers at garage sales and they both SUCKED, one broke completely and the other one was a jogger that the first owners cut the safety straps out of (why? why?) and we didn't pay much for them, but got what we paid for. I kinda figure marc deserves a nicer stroller for this second baby, since we already experimented with the cheap route and things went so badly.

We're also going to be getting a nice glider/rocker with an ottoman sometime, since the craigslist rocking chair we bought for Josie broke one night WHILE marc was rocking the baby to sleep. This was after we made many attempts to pound/glue it back together - it was unfortunate. And that one, we paid too much for. We did a good job trying to be cheap with Josie - lots of hand-me-downs and gifts, used stuff, no silly decorative designer bedding sets, just clothes to keep her covered and diapers to keep her butt dry and that's all she needed! I almost felt bad about getting new baby nice new things but as Dad pointed out, one of the reasons we were so cheap with Josie was because we bought a HOUSE for her to live in, so that wins.
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