Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Christmas, past the mall

I hate to bring this up, but Christmas is a religious holiday.

I realize we've sort of watered it down over the years, Christians were so darn excited about it we wanted to string it up EVERYWHERE and by the time it gets into malls and street signs it kind of goes out of control and becomes about sparkly things, because that's what happens at the mall... we have no right to be upset about it, in my opinion. Everyone is very aware of Christmas, I'll say that much. But most people celebrate family and giving and those nice things, so it's like Thanksgiving except with better marketing and a different color scheme.

Here's the actual gist of Christmas: God decided to come live as us, starting as a baby, learning to walk, losing teeth, learning the animals, growing up, talking to people, not getting through to people, getting angry, going off in solitude, going to weddings, going to funerals, celebrating life, loving his friends, being disappointed in his friends. Everything we do. The mystery of why God did this, what He learned, and what we were supposed to learn, starts on Christmas. The sneaking feeling that our struggle is so valuable He needed it. There's more to the whole story but that's an Easter thing and I don't want to ruin it... the point is that Christmas brings up some fascinating ideas worth pondering about what we all have to gain here. Even if you're not a Christian, or have trouble believing the whole story, or flat out don't believe any of it, can you at least admit it's an interesting idea? That our whole lives, starting from birth, have meaning and add to something? not just the good times when we get presents?
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