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scheduling posts & sticking with livejournal

Apparently livejournal lets us schedule posts now! Nobody told me, it was added back in like APRIL where all you have to do is postdate an entry, and it saves it as a draft until THE FUTURE. Nearly every other blogging platform has this... wordpress, blogger, you can really set a blog to run on autopilot. it's great for me because I like to update every day, but tend to get ideas for entries in spurts, I start writing and everything just floods into my head.

Of course, setting your blog up to auto-post your thoughts kinda makes you feel like a robot. I already feel guilty enough that livejournal automatically posts to twitter, I try to check into twitter a few times a week in person, I don't want to just be calling it in.

Of course, by being a robot and writing into my future I become that much closer to my dream of retiring from life as spacefem and quietly passing the identity onto some young collegiate feminist who would take on the name and keep me going like the dread pirate roberts.

Anyway this makes me happy because for a while I was scared for livejournal. For years now we hear comments like "Oh you have a livejournal? That's so 2003, how cute! Maybe later we can hang out in yahoo chat rooms and see who's in the hot tub?" It's true, no website lasts forever. We saw the real and true death of geocities and maybe I'm still shaken up by that. When livejournal didn't seem like it was adding many new features, I was kind of worried.

I was even happy this year when they re-vamped the friends page. Most of the world seemed to complain about it, because that's what you do when a website changes, any website. I know, I run websites, I've angered many people over the years by spontaneously redesigning forums and such. But like facebook's newsfeed, we all get used to it and move on with our lives and look forward to the next change we can hate.

It doesn't take much every year for livejournal to convince me to stay. I have friends who comment, I have no idea how you get those on tumblr or blogger, I think you have to campaign for followers and be part of some giant social media "sphere" where everyone is connected and must "interact" in order to return comments or something, it's really a mystery to me. On livejournal, you just hear from the same friends you've heard from for the last ten years. I'll take it! We'll all grow old together here, blogging away on a platform our children never even hear about and therefore will never want to infiltrate. We will never worry about being on the next big thing or wonder if the world will follow us onto this exciting new platform, there will be no google+ level failure for public outreach.

It'd be nice if they'd reduce spam, sure. Or accept new suggestions. And that gallery thing they did earlier this year was kinda weird. And the damn ipad app doesn't work. But I don't need my platform to be perfect, just around, stable, and established. It has to let me type words into a text box, store them in a database, and render them into HTML later for public consumption. I am not asking for much.
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