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site updates, multiple spacefems, life as usual

Let's see... I didn't do anything last night. And it was all I thought it could be.

In honor of this I updated my site again (yes, I know) to add the Most Useless Test Ever. It's a well-known fact that these silly online tests and quizzes tell you nothing about yourself, so I created a quiz that admits this fact and doesn't try to tell you anything. I think the useless blob crowd will jump all over this because they tend to mistake satire as "cute fun" a lot. I'm fine with this, because I'm officially a total whore for hits these days.

Don't even start in on the irony of me, the anti-quiz girl, now having three on my site. Eventually I'll develop a split personality disorder, hate everything that is, and try to destroy it with one personality while the other updates it with trivial things that make us all look shallow. Since both personalities will probably have the site password, it will be an interesting battle. Let's hope the hateful one doesn't get root access to the linux partition or we'll all be doomed for good.

My sister is back home and she's very proud that I didn't kill her hermit crab. My parakeets are in a serious chewing mode today... sometimes they're so determined at these things I'm sure they're plotting something. My parents are doing well; we made a big steak dinner last night and mom made a wonderful breakfast casserole this morning. I'm not sure I should tell them this, but I'm not moving out while I'm being fed this well.
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