Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

getting locked out of the house

Marc got locked out of the house the other day and we met for lunch and he got my key and everything, but we couldn't agree on a long-term solution to prevent this from happening again.

His keys are all on a caribiner. Lately if we go out shopping, when we get home he hands me the housekey and I run and unlock the door because I am freezing. He says that it's become a problem, because sometimes he forgets to return the house key to his larger set and it ends up locked inside.

We have a spare key stashed at the neighbor's. Earlier this week he'd forgotten to put his housekey on his caribiner, so he grabbed the spare. And did not return it. So two days later when he left his own key locked in the house, the spare was locked there too.

I say THAT'S the problem, he violated the rules of spare key! Which are: always return the spare to where it goes! It doesn't matter if the house is on fire... you use the key to unlock the house, then run it back to wherever it's supposed to be at! Am I right?

Growing up, we always had an attached garage with a code so we didn't deal with keys. We'd punch the code and go in through the garage. But now my house has a detached garage so getting into the garage doesn't do anything for you, we always have to key into the back door. And yes, I know there are code locks you can buy for doors if you're feeling spendy.

But isn't it easier to obey the laws of spare keys? I thought everyone knew.
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