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the baby at two and a half

Josie officially turned two and a half this week. To celebrate her half birthday we marked her height against the wall, because we did that at 1 year and 18 months and 2 years and it's kinda fun to keep the trend going while she's growing this fast. Once again she's grown about four inches in the last year, most of it in the last six months. She's a little over 36" tall. I looked this up and she's consistently been in about the 75th percentile for her age, which is weird because I was always in the 99th or something crazy like that (currently 99.7%) so I don't know what's wrong with my daughter, I guess we'll just keep giving her food and water and sunlight.

Just for fun, Marc and I put our heights on the wall too. He's about an inch shorter than me. we never really knew!

Anyway, jo bug at two and half is a heck of a kid, really interactive and perceptive about the world. Several times a day she finds a reason to have a totally irrational breakdown about something, like if I peel her an orange in the livingroom instead of the kitchen because you're supposed to peel them in the kitchen dammit that's what we've always done before (?) or if I open the bathroom door for her and turn on the light, then close the bathroom door because she wants to open it but I don't turn off the light, it's supposed to go "josie opens the door THEN mama turns on the light" and she's crying and yelling and giving up on the whole bathroom idea entirely and I'm wondering if she needs treatment for OCD or something.

But in between the breakdowns she's like a sunbeam, I promise, she brings happiness to all who see her. She still amazes everyone with her willingness to eat all foods, especially veggies, she randomly sings all day, mostly gibberish to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star".

Last Friday marc and I had a date night and we left her at a friend's house... her friend, actually, who she calls "booboo" (not the girl's real name obviously, but one that took off). booboo and her mom are part of the group that marc was always going to the zoo with, along with a little boy Josie calls Kitchen. They're both adorably pale blonde curly haired children. Josie is the dark-haired independent one of the group who wants to jump off things and try to kill herself and teaches them how to do this too, their parents just love us. But anyway boo boo's house went great, her mom really did love having josie over because the girls just played and played, they dressed up and cooked each other invisible food and played babies or sleepy time or whatever. josie loves other kids. anymore, marc sends her off most days. he's been so busy with his computer contracts that josie goes to church two days a week, then a babysitter's two times a week, then his parents come over on the fifth day to entertain her, so the week is full.

Anyway I never understood how two year olds could play together because I only understand about 60% of what Josie says, and she only understands slightly more of what I say, so you'd think that when two not-understandable kids would be together the communication ability would plummet? But it works better than that for some reason, they don't seem to mind, they just talk a lot and repeat a lot and don't get frustrated and maybe don't understand each other all that much but they keep at it.

I took a video of her coloring, she was drawing and explaining to me what she was doing and I realized it'd be the perfect opportunity to get her voice on camera which has been darn near impossible, she freezes up if you tell her to say something. But she was all about narrating her art. I was going to cut the video off so it wasn't so long, but around two minutes I tell her to draw our dog Judy and the result is kind of interesting. You totally can't tell it's a dog, obviously, but I was proud that she gave her, like, two eyes and stuff like that... as opposed to the first part of the video when I have no idea what she's saying, I have her repeat it like five times and finally just guess. that's kinda the norm at our house.

Anyway that's our baby at two and a half. She loves Christmas lights, loves our pets, really wants to ride her tricyle and tries awfully hard at it, she can tell you how many objects she has a lot of the time but can't count them. She brings me invisible things all day that she just sort of imagines are around, climbs into boxes or tubs and tells us she's in a car or a bath or a teapot or that sort of thing, her mind is just going, it's adorable.

We haven't really told her much about the next baby. That's kinda world-rocking, but it's also five months away, which you gotta figure is almost 20% of her life. five months to a 2.5 year old is like 5 YEARS to me. Kinda hard to plan! We told her there's a baby in mommy's tummy, mostly so she wouldn't jump on my tummy. She's starting to ask questions - the other day she asked me to take it out, I told her it was too little. Once she brought me an invisible baby, I asked where it came from and she grinned at patted her tummy. So that's where we're at, she doesn't really get it when people ask her about being a big sister. She loves stability so much, I'm just trying not to imply that the world is changing until we're really sure, and it's really close. that's my plan, anyway.
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