Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my black friday bubble

All weekend I got the feeling that black friday shopping was a thing of the past, my facebook friends mainly put up protest photos, rallied against it, REALLY complained about big stores like Target opening on Thanksgiving so their employees get no time with their families. Yay verily, it is crap, we all agreed. Then I get to my office and apparently I live in a bubble because that’s all anyone talked about... SHOPPING. Buying STUFF. Getting awesome DEALS.

For nothing they needed! I heard all kinds of stories along the lines of "Well I got this gaming thing for the kids but then realized the games were ones we already had on our other console and we don't have another input on our TV so I’ll just find someone to give it to..." those sorts of things. Everyone just buys, no research, no consideration of what we need. Just consumption and blindly fueling the import trade.

I don’t spend much on Christmas. My family has carefully defined and fairly low spending limits on gifts. I already bought Josie toys off ebay. For stuff like white elephant gift exchanges, I make it a point to wrap up something from around my house I don't need anymore.

But all day I today I felt like the only one who tries to hold back, everyone else is just grabbing at whatever they can find... didn't they all see WALL-E? Aren't we all fighting too much stuff in our lives? Am I in some kind of twilight zone of denial where nobody understands why it's bad for your wallet, your mind, your environment, to buy stuff you don’t really need? It makes Christmas so much worse.
Tags: holidays, shopping
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