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thanksgiving part II

Marc made a fantastic thanksgiving dinner on Thursday for us, and this time I was healthy enough to enjoy it! His parents came over along with two of their friends who we basically have every holiday dinner with, we used his mom's pretty blue plates. The turkey turned out wonderful. He also made cranberry sauce and stuffing. Waited for his mom's arrival to make the gravy since he's had some gravy fails in the past. I just sort of sat around and played with Josie, who grazed for three hours on black olives and cherry tomatoes, like she does. So of course she wasn't that hungry at all and when it came time for dinner we put on a movie for her and she went to sleep.

We took a long walk around the neighborhood, it was nearly 70 degrees, since it's never cold anymore. Last night we went out for pizza and the guy grating Parmesan cheese for us told Josie it was "like snow" and I wanted to tell him that she's never seen snow, maybe won't see snow, between last year's heat wave and this year's drought I have a bad feeling that snow was a relic from my childhood.

We drove around looking for Christmas lights last night even though it's only November 24th, none of the big displays we usually see are up yet. Bummer! But a few houses are lit up and Josie eats it up. She wants to get in the spirit and tells us, "I have to put out my spider!" referring to the giant inflatable light up black widow that we had in front of the house for halloween. Then we explain that the spider was for halloween which is over (a sad truth she refuses to accept, still) and that we will put out christmas lights.

Marc and I have a tradition of doing Christmas every other year. On the off-years we're spending christmas in Kansas City with my family and don't see as much point to decorating our own house. This is an on year, when we'd normally decorate, get a Christmas tree, all that. I had a coworker tell me that since we have a kid now we will not be able to get away with skipping christmas, ever. I mean we always did presents, just didn't go all out. But now I kinda see her point, even if this is an on year, the idea that we'll have the lights out before December is pretty amazing. But we have to do something to try and move this poor confused child past halloween.


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Nov. 25th, 2012 12:47 pm (UTC)
We haven't done real Christmas ever since moving to the Netherlands. I found that really hard the first year, it was my first major holiday that I didn't get to celebrate with any family other than my husband, and he staunchly refused to decorate. The next year, remembering how depressed I'd gotten, he allowed me to buy a string of white lights, and even helped me hang them across the livingroom window. That actually was sufficient, and the last 4 Christmases we've gone back to the US. But now that we've got a kid, I'm hoping in a year or two that I can insist that we have a tree, cats be damned. (He didn't grow up with cats, and so has never dealt with the tree+cat combination. I did, and know that once they pass the kitten stage, you rarely have to wire the tree to the ceiling any more. You just have to refill the water more often, since tree-bowl-water is preferred to any other water, and clean up pine-needle-throw-up, which is actually better than hair-ball-throw-up.)
Nov. 26th, 2012 11:17 am (UTC)
As a child the thing I hated most about Christmas was the stress involved in The Decorating. I just hated it. And whilst it was all very pretty once done I didn't usually feel it worth it.

So, no, having a child does not in fact create a requirement that you go all out to Christmas-ify your house. And clearly if you are going to see your family you are not in fact "skipping Christmas" you are "having Christmas with the grandparents".
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