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design your own lattice fabric

A few months back, Etsy's seller opportunity tools told me that quatrefoil & Moroccan lattice patterns were the new hot in thing when it came to fabric, especially home decorating. Since it's a simple design I drew some up and made a spoonflower collection in a few trending colors.

It sold well, but people kept bugging me about special colors, and some of them really wanted me to WORK for my $1.80 commission on a yard of fabric which is silly. I mean yes I can post up a version in brown, but then tweaking it so it's "not too brown" or "a little warmer, closer to sienna" was just totally not worth it. I felt bad telling people to stick it when they clearly have a goal in mind, when I asked them for a deposit they quickly left me alone, but that didn't really make me feel good.

Then I realized that enough people had bought my existing designs I pretty much feel like I've made my initial few hours worth of money on them... why not just send my graphics out into the world, make no money but in exchange everyone will leave me alone? That's gotta be part of the beauty of open source.

Anyway that was a lot of paragraphs to say that my lattice pattern is now a public domain SVG file available here.

You can download the .png and edit it in microsoft paint if you want, you can get rid of the outer shape so the lines are "skinny" or make them the same color so they're extra thick.

Then upload it to spoonflower and order as much fabric in whatever style you want. They don't care too much about aliasing, it all gets printed pretty hi-res in the end, so you don't need fancy software to accomplish this.
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