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the friend zone: double standard sexist jargon of the week

Ran across a good article on The "Friend Zone", why it's offensive, and why we've got to retire the term for the stupid sexist bullshit it is. I've hated it for a while but it's one of those things I couldn't *quite* put into words... I knew it was related to "nice guy syndrome". You know... guys who think they're "too nice", therefore because something is wrong with ALL WOMEN they won't be able to get laid even though they are clearly God's gift to women, and they sink deeper and deeper into hating all women for this injustice until we have to ask ourselves what exactly makes them so nice in the first place? As if hating women is nice?

Well, "friend zone" is along the same lines.

The article made an interesting point... the way men and women approach each other, accept each other, and even reject each other is strikingly similar. We've all got standards. We've all got people we want to date, and people we don't want to date, for whatever quirky reasons. And we should all be allowed to have those quirky reasons.

But society is driving us to have very different reactions to possible rejections. If a woman can't get with a man she wants, there are entire books (and now movies!) telling her bluntly "He's just not that into you!" As in, hey, lady, MOVE ON, not gonna happen, even if he's being nice and saying it's not the right time in his life for a relationship or he wants to take things slow or whatever, you are just not right, the chemistry is off, it wasn't meant to be. It's okay.

Swap it now... if a man can't get with a woman he wants, it's because he's in the FRIEND ZONE, oh noes, and there are even more books about how to get out of it, how to avoid getting in it in the first place, how to course correct, and even more important how to be angry at these bi-atches who would dare put a man in the friend zone. Because the women who do it clearly do not know what's good for them. Yes it's true men, you deserve to have sex with women, after all we're just women! How dare we do something as stupid as pass you up? You are the best thing to ev-ar happen to us!

It's like no matter what side you're on, women need to get the message. Not men. Men don't need to learn to move on, be cool and accept that it won't happen with everybody. Women are all just out of our foolish and/or PMS-y minds.

Anyway I think I've made my point... try it out sometime this year, people, that's my advice. If a guy can't get laid, tell him "She's just not that into you" and see what happens.
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