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why I'm voting for Obama (again)

I think our reasons for voting are all historically interesting, so I wanted to get mine down. Back in the days when I used to vote libertarian I used to write these long entries trying to convince everyone else to vote that way too. I don't do that as much anymore, although I blog a lot on issues, now that I've voted with a major party twice in a row I don't feel like I can change many people's minds over to my side. We vote how we vote. But I wanted my reasons to be down somewhere.

Why I voted for Obama:
  • I do believe we should help the poor and tax the rich, to some extent. I'm an awful libertarian now. To put it simply, history has shown that when we left everything up to charity, a lot of kids starved to death. And the economy never really flourished, although there are lots of theories to the contrary. I am not a socialist, I don't want to bring the rich "down to our level", but there is some crap going on... the social security cap, for example. And capital gains rates lower than what Reagan set them at.
  • The right's assault on women's reproductive rights is more offensive than I can possibly describe. The republican party platform calls for a ban on all abortions, no exceptions. As a woman of childbearing age, I basically don't think they give a crap about my life or health. As soon as a sperm gets to a cell in me, whatever it does becomes more important than my life and health, they've even denied entirely that my health is at risk. No, I do not believe that a "good mother" would die for a non-viable fetus.
  • Four years in office and Obama started zero wars! That's a much better average than the last guy... and yes, I'm still mad about that.
  • I am glad someone did something about healthcare reform! Was it perfect? No, it was a little muddled in there... but that's politics. The fact is that someday we will shake our heads at the fact that insurance companies could give us "lifetime caps" or kick you off a plan WHEN you got sick. And insured women get free birth control! And young people, in their formative years, struggling to find jobs, their whole lives ahead of them... get to stay on their parents insurance!
  • Needed to vote liberal to counteract conservative voters' crazy-ass conspiracy theories about Obama being a kenyan or a muslim or a terrorist who "doesn't support the troops" or whatever. AKA, I don't want to be on the crazy side.

Why I won't be totally depressed if Obama loses:
  • Continued assault on general aviation in speeches got super old. Although there wasn't actually legislation behind those words... the user fees and depreciation changes that we thought could happen didn't happen, so I think (aka: hope) it was all class warfare talk. But it was still shitty. And stupid, since airplanes are a huge US export.

And finally, I just want to say that my friend tabloidscully bought up a good point elsewhere that really resonated with me. A lot of people are voting for Romney because the economy sucks, the jobless rate only fell from 10 something to 8 something during Obama's term, and we want to believe a guy who says he's got a plan. Well really, who knows? There are so many things outside a president's control, both sides are vague with their plans, both sides want to do a better job with the economy but we don't know what they'd really do, or if it'd work.

But we KNOW how Romney feels about women's rights, gay rights, and healthcare reform. I KNOW that Paul Ryan sponsored a fetal personhood bill, which would even make some forms of birth control illegal. I realize that this is why they're called "wedge issues" - to get people mad, give politicians something real to take a stand on that's different from the other guy. So in this vague world of politics, when sometimes the wedge issues are the only thing that's clear, that's what I'll vote on. They are very important to me.
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