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wtf is up with all the conservative email forwards?

I get a LOT of crappy ultra-conservative email forwards. You have no idea how many years I've been hearing that Obama is a Kenyan who doesn't support our troops and gives free hugs to terrorists, or something like that, and I thought it was just me getting them because my extended family is a little out there.

But then they started coming out at WORK. Two guys agreed that if you need to sell your house do it this year, because in 2013 there's going to be a 3% tax on all home sales... TOTAL BUNK. Then someone else casually mentioned that Obama is the first president to skip all d-day memorial services: also not true, nearly every president has only gone to Normandy on 5 or 10 year anniversaries, and Obama did the same thing. None of them have gone every year.

I get my crappy email forward verification from by the way, which I've always found to be pretty reliable... they name their sources, say what's true and what's not, have been around forever. If they've been found to have an obvious liberal bias, let me know.

Anyway I started thinking that because of where I live, I must only be getting the crazy made-up conservative bullshit, right? Surely there's an equal amount of crazy made-up liberal bullshit? Because aren't both sides a little crazy? (Face it liberal friends, some of you held onto that "GWB didn't REALLY win florida" fiasco for WAAAY too long)

So I clicked the "what's new" page on Snopes and scrolled... and scrolled... and scrolled... finally I found one made-up liberal bullshit story about how Romney's son literally owns voting machines to be used in like five different states. not true. okay.

But on the pro-conservative side? TONS!

- Donald Trump has evidence of the Obamas getting a divorce
- Lockheed is going to lay off over a hundred thousand workers (so... 100% of their workforce!) but the Obama administration won't let them announce it until after the election
- Joe Biden and Oprah Winfrey both endorsed Romney for president
- Canadians banned Fox News
- Paul Ryan has an awesome list of budget cuts (the list is actually taken from a bipartisan bill that Ryan wasn't even a cosponsor of)
- Obama's wedding ring praises Allah
- The Democratic convention featured a huge God "booing" session

and... so on.

Now I know why I get so many stupid emails from conservatives. Because there's so much being made up! And no one who forwards me this junk ever bothers to take five seconds and google to see if it's fake... they just send it. And it makes it really difficult for me to take republican supporters seriously. I'm trying to always tell myself there are extremists on both sides, idiots on both sides, lies on both sides. But that's not what I see in my email. I feel like they're voting on conspiracy theories and it's a little creepy.

Just so you all know, I've already cast my ballot for this election, and I'm pretty sure you know who I voted for, but I also wanted to say I did not and will never vote based on any information I get on some random email or facebook forward.
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