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let's pretend this never happened by jennifer lawson

So after my anger at swamplandia! being so shitty and depressing, nessalc lended me a recovery book... one guaranteed to not suck, and probably make me laugh and restore my faith in reading for a bit.

The book: Let's Pretend this Never Happened by Jennifer Lawson, aka The Bloggess. It's sort of a memoir. The first half is these chronological stories from her childhood growing up in rural texas with her eccentric family, including a father who loves wild animals both dead and alive, and honestly the stories involving taxidermy are the tame ones. The second half of the book is her adult life, and it does kinda read like blog in some points because the stories aren't really tied together, she has to work hard at the end to kinda sum things up and pretend like there was an arc-shaped plot somewhere in there, but worse things have happened. Even with the lack of cohesion the book is hysterical.

Sometimes I'd get annoyed by her talking about how weird and unordinary she is (I think I should get to decide that for myself) but then she'd get into a story that truly is really fucked up and I'd forgive her. Like when she's slowly realizing her dad is letting his kids play with roadkill. Or the awful stories of working in HR and looking at porn all day because you're in the only department where that's your job, to check out the pictures that the filters flagged as possibly inappropriate, and they all ARE and it's so disturbing (I actually read that chapter in a public place and laughed until I started crying and had to cover up the chapter title while I tried to hold it together, super awkward).

It was a great book, totally worth checking out. Also she's on pinterest (@thebloggess) and probably all the other places but I'm always looking for new good people to follow on pinterest since I just got on there. Short review here I realize, but really, read the book yourself.
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