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First off, I must dwell in my own brilliance for a while, because I got a fantastic ljreview here. I love this community, almost all the journals they review are great (custom colors, very pretty, thought goes into them) but apparently mine is the greatest! Just kidding, not the greatest, but I did well and I'm proud.

In other news, I updated my website and added the How Smart Are You? test. There aren't a lot of levels of intelligence yet, I'm working on that, but I tried to make it accurate (you lose points for stuff like using Windows, injuring yourself with office supplies, and not knowing what a binary number is). Should be fun, all you quiz takers can knock yourselves out (esp. tabloidscully, who I think is secretly smart). Quick catch: I haven't tested the quiz in IE yet, so it you're running explorer and it doesn't work, inform me.

And I got an e-mail from my man, he says he's doing fine :)
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