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abortion is between... and other arguments

Okay... maybe I'm bad activist or something, because I just can't see myself using quotes like this as a rationale for my abortion views, even though they seem to make up a common talking point:

I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that—women they can’t control their body. It’s a decision between them and their doctor. In my view and the Supreme Court, I’m not going to interfere with that. - Joe Biden, answering a VP debate topic on abortion

The problem is that the other side has an INSTANT rebuttal: it's not about your body, it's about someone else's, that we see as a person, quit telling us it's none of our biz-nass. IT IS. There are lots of things you can't do with your own body, this is one of them.

They feel the same way I feel when I hear pro-lifers say "abortion stops a beating heart"... a dozen perfectly legal normal beating-heart-stopping things run through my head, and I just don't give a crap.

But back to the "my body my choice" argument... I kinda feel like it fails us, makes women look self-absorbed, and feeds into the image that pro-lifers have of carefree twenty-somethings getting manicures for seven months before casually traipsing down to the abortionplex to terminate full-term pregnancies before we're saddled with babies (which we clearly hate).

Like a lot of women, my views on 2nd/3rd trimester abortion have nothing to do with singing "independent women" at karaoke bars. I see it as an incredibly necessary life-saving necessity, and just can't envision a world where a woman has to head to the county courthouse and fill out a ten page form to say "Hi, I'm bleeding to death. Can I have an abortion now-ish please maybe? Oh, there's a three day processing period... okay, well, guess I'll go pray..."

And some "moderates" will say that the pro-life side would make exceptions for that, but I've seen otherwise. First, in comments to articles by women who've had life-saving abortions, there's always hoards of crazy pro-lifers coming out of the woodwork to explain that any good mother would die to give her child even the smallest chance of life (like the chance to set the record for the earliest viable fetus). Oh, those are fringe internet crazies? Okay fine, look at legislation like the Let Women Die bill, passed by every house republican, that would allow hospitals to refuse abortions even if the life of the mother is at stake. This was NATIONAL LEGISLATION. Are moderates wondering why I don't trust the pro-life movement to protect women's lives?

This isn't a "let's all agree to disagree" issue to me, or a matter of my choice for my body and my business... I am really disgusted that society thinks women need to sacrifice ourselves for fetuses. I've written before that mother nature is not only pro-choice, but REALLY choosy in which pregnancies get to result in a human. How can we look at half the population and think there's a moral obligation to risk their lives for any fertilized egg that comes along?

It's just not about my own choice to me, not anymore. It's about protecting every other woman on this planet.
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