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I woke up at 2am kinda hungry, saw this leftover burrito in the fridge and was like "hey good lookin', what's your name?" late night snacktime! good thing there's not much going on tomorrow. actually, NOTHING, as a reward for being busy yesterday, I intend to put in a lot of couch time.

Yesterday I woke up, roused the family and got them to the airport by 9am for my club's annual spot landing contest. they mark off zones on the runway's 1000 ft markers and award points for landing close to the beginning of the paint on the markers.

I did terribly! at least I scored once... that's better than some people, but you get three tries. first one I had to do a go around... I had "first takeoff" jitters and since I'm used to training from a class C airport where you take off, cruise to a little airport, and practice there, I'm not used to my first landing being 30 seconds after my first takeoff.

second attempt I was short, I didn't make it to the 1000 ft markers, I'm going to blame this on the fact that I NEVER aim for 1000 ft markers. Why fly over 1000 feet of perfectly good runway? I aim for the first available touchdown point and apparently it's hard to un-train yourself when you're used to that picture coming in.

third attempt I did okay.

Josie was in the back, she stared out the window enamored with the view, then zonked out cold by the second pattern. That child has some kind of magic calming reflex in an airplane. she even slept through that awful warm air turbulence we had back from topeka that one time, where I wasn't sure if the wings were going to hold on the airplane we were being bounced around so bad and marc almost hurled.

the contest was combined with a chili feed so after the flight we all ate lunch... we've learned this week that josie can put away a ton of chili too. my little good eater. friday night we had pot roast, another food she was incredibly enthusiastic about, I'm guessing her calorie intake for the week rivals that of some pro athletes.

oh last point... it was COLD today. we turned the heater on in the house. we bundled up in coats and hats and gloves. I really hate it.
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