Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

what I did last weekend (boring stuff)

So last weekend I was by myself, with the baby, while Marc went off for a fun camping weekend. It was super lazy. Thursday night we went out for dinner with a friend and Josie was a gem, we were eating in a restaurant and she sat in a high chair (which she's rarely willing to do anymore) and ate her weight in pasta.

Friday I was going to take her to the babysitter's that she usually goes to on Fridays and I was going to sew, but that didn't work out. We both slept in really late and woke up at like 9 am. Then there was morning snuggle-on-the-couch time for like an hour. And I didn't care about sewing. I've really lost my motivation for it lately. I think etsy has finally killed it for me. I make stuff, I send it to California or Australia or something, I used to think it was such a fun journey for my crafts but after a year, since I've figured out what sells well, I just feel like a machine. I can't do it. So we lounged.

Saturday was museum day which I LOVE, we hit up cowtown again. I joked with some other patrons taking advantage of the free ticket... they'd asked if we'd been there before and a bunch of us were like "Oh, yeah, it's been about... a year. one year. EXACTLY one year." cheapskates. go us.

In the evening I called a friend over because I could not for the life of me figure out how to take a shower with a 2.3 year old running around like crazy. Months ago if I was alone I could lock her in the bathroom with me, but now she can climb the SINK and I was afraid she'd slip off. Couldn't let her roam the house, she'd find something to mess with. So in desperation I called my neighbor, who saved me. I would fail as a single parent, I guess. I took a 20 minute shower then we chatted for almost another hour because I hadn't spoken to an adult in days.

Sunday we went to church because it's a vacation for me, sit in a pew and think while your child is being minded by someone else! In the afternoon we went to a friend's baby shower, I accidently freaked out a big group of women by making josie "fruit punch" with grenadine that was sitting at the bar, the actual punch that they'd prepared with chock full of tequila so they saw Josie walking around with this cup and ah, good times.

Every time Marc leaves me alone I promise myself that I WILL take the baby up to Kansas City or something so we can be with my whole family and I'll have help and take showers and stuff, but this weekend we had stuff going on... parties and babysitter day and everything. Eh, silly move on my part, still should have driven out of town. Next time.
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