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swamplandia! (summary: awful book)

I will cut this entry, because it mentions sexual violence and major book spoilers. But to make a long story short this was a terrible book I wish I'd never read, and you should never read it either. WHY is it a bestseller, WHY? I feel like when something is so popular, it must be worth a look... IT'S NOT. I WISH I HAD MY WEEKEND BACK.

for the first 300 pages (yes) it looks promising, so you stick with it... it's exotic, it's about a family alone in the everglades running a theme park, there might be ghosts, it might be supernatural... nah! remember when you were a kid and you'd get these awful stories where a character goes on an amazing adventure but then it was all a dream? nothing real happened, no one changed, and you're like okay, well what was the freaking point of that? this book is similar, except worse because it's SOOO long and takes FOREVER to get to the freaking point.

The whole thing just crumbles in the end, there's nothing exotic or supernatural, in the last 100 pages (which I flipped through, I was so angry) the typical crap of society unfolds. liars, cheaters, cheap business owners, rapists... yes, what makes your weekend better than to slowly realize you're reading a rape scene? THANKS FOR THAT, AUTHOR. EXCEPT, NOT. AT ALL. I was hearing the overprotective helicopter parent voice in my head, the one that will not let you befriend any adult because they're all thieves and child molesters... in this book, they are. shit shit shit.

don't dream big kids, don't believe in the fantastic, this is what happens to you.

I refuse to watch any movie with a rape scene in it because it gets to me too much, I can't handle it, it's not entertainment it's waaay over the line. But books don't warn you, they're not rated R for sexual violence... I'm not saying we need a book rating system, I would just like some kind of warning. And granted, I didn't research this book at all before I picked it up, I got it from a friend with a bunch she was giving away and later on she apologized, saying "Oh my God I am so sorry you read that book, it was AWFUL." so it's not just me.

You're reading this nice imagery, these interesting characters, these hints of something bigger about to happen, you can't wait for the story to really spin up. It's like a roller coaster clunking up a slow hill, but when you get to the top it breaks and you're stuck up there for an hour and then you have to walk down a bunch of stairs. the slow suspenseful climb is worth it for a little speed, action, and unfamiliar feelings... not for shit. dammit. rarely does a book make me hate reading, but this one did.
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