Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

ruined for parties

So we go to this birthday party today for my friend's two-year-old. I work with the mom, I've never met her child, we don't get together enough, it's one of those things I think I got invited to only because facebook exists. Mostly family, which explains why I haven't met this child... as my own mother once said, people tend to have family *or* friends, not both. family in town? no need to spend much time with anyone else.

But anyway, I figure it's something to do, it's a free lunch, why not?

Well it was miserable... maybe I am socially inept, I spent most of the party trying to sit there and decide. It was in a park shelter with no restrooms nearby. The party started at 11, food wasn't ready until 12:30. I was starving. The family all knew each other, I didn't. I was tired... I've been with the baby all weekend by myself.

And I'm at that pregnant-but-not-pregnant stage (2 months) where I don't know if I can blame my anger, or fatigue, or going-to-kill-and-eat-someone level of hunger on the pregnancy or not. doesn't really matter, since nobody knows about it, even if they did I don't think pregnancy can be an excuse to be a total bitch who's stalking the grill guy going HOWS THAT FOOD COMING ALONG?

Tonight my friend is having a 30th birthday and I lied and said I couldn't get a sitter. Truth is, I didn't try. I just don't feel like going out and watching everyone else drink while I struggle to keep my eyes open past 9 pm.

But once again, there are several issues at hand...

1) Why do people plan parties and not have FOOD involved at some near point? For my friend's birthday, we're meeting at one place at 7 (which you know will be 7:30) then all taking a limo to a restaurant (so it'll be 8) then we'll order... 9. Or at lunch today, when you say the party is from 11am-1pm why wouldn't you have food until 3/4 of the way through? And there was nothing to do, no games for the kids, just sit and talk for 90 minutes. Luckily we showed up fashionably late but I figured that would get me there in time for the food, not shorten my wait to only 1 hour.

2) Am I crazy, am I over-impatient? I mean seriously... normal me, not pregnant me, would not find any of this acceptable either, I just want to get that on the table. That's why I'm trying not to say "woe is me, nobody wants to feed the hungry pregnant lady" because I'm never good at waiting for food. Or waiting, period. IT'S A TWO-YEAR BIRTHDAY DAMMIT... what is so difficult about getting a game, a meal, and present-opening clipping along at a nice pace to get us all the fuck out of there in 2-3 hours?

3) But then again... maybe normal people, people who like people, are happy waiting around and talking and making friends and are not constantly focused on their next meal.

that's it. i'm socially inept.

anyway I'm staying in tonight. I felt bad, bailing on this 30th birthday, but after this afternoon's lunch fiasco where I just sat there hating everyone I know it's for the best. better to have people think I'm a recluse than a crazy bitch who's bored if I'm not eating.

I have eaten my dinner before dinner parties too... that also sucks, because then I'm the weirdly not hungry one at dinner. and I'm even still wondering when we'll eat, because eating is a nice way to pass the time and sit and talk to people, if the point of a gathering is dinner I just want to get to it.

forget it. I just can't handle people without alcohol. I will see the outside world next year.
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