Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the grass is greener

I was totally going to mow the lawn today but it's going to rain any second and the forecast calls for thunderstorms. Sorry, Dad. (my dad needs a livejournal. who else agrees? spacedad or something, he could complain about his freeloading daughter. anybody else's parents on this thing?)

Totally registered a domain name for a client today only to have him e-mail me mentioning the domain again, only with a different spelling. DAH! He'd better have made a typo, he's soo paying for the mistake.

Worked out yesterday at the Jewish Community Center. Did stairmaster and weights and everything and am surprisingly not too sore today. Excellent! Still have no arm strength, btw, in case anyone was thinking I'd outgrow my whole genetic weakness or whatever. Even when I lifted weights in track I didn't have strong arms, I got so I could bench the bar PLUS 10 POUNDS and that was like a huge deal. A bar looks really sad with little 5lb weights on either side, especially when it's next to some hulking linebacker loading a bar with weights I can't even lift when they're not all together on a bar. Sigh. I guess if I could change one thing about my body it'd be that: I'd be able to beat at least one person on this planet at arm wrestling. Well, and I'd have perfect vision. Damn this imperfect self of mine!

My sister's hermit crab moved from one corner of its little hut to the other, so I've successfully kept it alive for like three days now. Awesome!
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