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growing & dancing

First let me say I was SO relieved when we finally watched The Lorax movie and it was good! I just really hated Horton Hears a Who - the one-dimensional characters and thinly veiled references to some sort of ultra-religious right with absolutely no cause just ruined it for me... and I'm a liberal! I guess I just think kids movies need to keep a story simple, especially if they're going to pin it on a political side. The Lorax was redeeming, no one was particularly evil, everyone learns his lesson in the end.

Oh but anyway my favorite part of The Lorax is that it's got awesome songs, the opening number in particular is a blast, and the once-ler is a guitar player who spontaneously rocks out in great ways throughout the story.

And Josie likes the closing credits song - Let it Grow by Ester Dean. It's got this light summery house-y beat and that's just the kind of song she likes to get up and dance to. She grabs my hands and runs around in circles, then I'll hold one of her fingers while she pirouettes around and around, then I lift her up and we spin and laugh and sing along. Josie's been dancing since she was barely eight months old and she's still obsessed with it, we've even been in restaurants and some random song will come on and she just has to get up.

The lyrics are just so fabulous for spinning a little daughter around, it's about celebrating the world and following your heart and planting trees. It's made for Josie.

All you gotta do is
Live your life be true
And never be afraid to grow, grow
It don’t matter how you got it
It’s yours now, don’t you hide it
Let it grow, let it grow
Let the love inside you show it
Just one way to know you’re worth it
Let it grow, let it grow

Apparently when I was tiny my favorite song was Jump by the pointer sisters. STILL an awesome song. It doesn't take a whole lot of human experience to recognize music that makes you happy, might make you happy forever... it's a gift straight to what's inside us.
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