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question mark time

I'm trying to figure out if I'm pregnant or not. I know it's supposed to be something you "announce" and are happy about, I know, you don't want people getting emotionally invested in something questionable, you're supposed to be sure. But the truth is, there's a big vague unsure time, and I've decided that if I have to deal with the uncertainty, YOU ALL DO TO.

Welcome to this crap.

and it is crap. worse for others than me, sure, I just want to really drive the point home that I absolutely hate not knowing... things.

I lost my spreadsheet from 2009 when I had almost six months of birth-control free periods before we even started trying to make Josie, but I think my cycles were usually 26-30 days, I definitely remember 28 being the average. So this summer when I got my IUD out, and had my period 26 days later, I figured hey, cool, things are regular again.

So maybe I'd have another one 26 days later, August 27th. Nope. Feeling neurotic, I took a test. It said I was not pregnant. Marc celebrated by making me a special dinner with mercury-laden ahi tuna.

But my period still hasn't shown up and now it's been 33 days. So I took another test. Here's what it looked like:

See how if you squint right and sorta hold it up to the light there's a line there?


Freaking cheap target 3-pack pregnancy tests. What am I doing. I shouldn't even be testing, I have zero pregnancy symptoms... even less than I had with Josie. There's no insatiable hunger, no sore boobs, nothing.

This poll is closed.

what's going on with me?

cycles haven't returned to normal since the IUD was out
you're knocked up

ha ha, this poll only has two options which is mean. the obvious right choice is "who cares spacefem, you can't control it, just buy take a better test in 4-5 more days, try not to binge drink. sucks that your periods couldn't just be regular but that's life. it's not that late anyway. geez, 33 days, is that even enough to notice? close the damn spreadsheet and go outside."

just put it out of my head. I know.
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