Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

church shopping

We've been trying out some other churches lately, nothing too serious, we still like our church it's just nice to look around a while and see what the others have to offer, we kept hearing about these churches that sounded like they were doing really good things. Like, East Heights has a day program for kids so we wanted to see what the services were like... we're all about leaving our kid places, but want to say we've checked out the church a little bit in the process.

We also found out that wichita has a methodist church just for native americans - they had a booth at the pow wow and that sounded like a cool idea. It turned out to be a really cool church. Beautiful service, lots of neat passionate people, and actual racial diversity. I feel isolated from the world when I go to churches where every member is white and you get the feeling the income levels are exactly the same too, hate to say it. And the indian church was small, but for a small church it was remarkably un-creepy. You know how you can walk into a room of 50 people and they're like OH A NEW MEMBER ITS BEEN SO LONG and you feel like their future hinges on your joining up right then and there? The indian church acted like everyone just comes and goes, they get new members and kids, jump in where you can, no pressure. It was a tiny building, but crowded. They cooked out afterwards.

We accidentally went to one church on what I think is the WORST sunday to be anyplace: youth group mission trip recap sunday. AHHHH! A line of awkward 15-year-olds passing a single mic down so each of them could tell the congregation that their lives are changed because they spent one day in a soup kitchen (not because they got to hold hands with a girl on the van ride up) - I'd rather sit through the money-asking sermons or bad violin solos any day. We should give that church another chance, but it's tough.

Also... how bad a Christian am I when I get impatient about services going too long? that's the problem with small churches sometimes, it's not like they've got another service to get ready for so they just put whatever they want on the schedule and let it go as long as it needs to. It's advertised as an hour, it takes 1:30 or 1:45 and nobody else seems to be counting? I realize this is an awful thing for me to be thinking, and that out of all the hours I spend on meaningless crap throughout the week I should NOT be accusing the Lord Almighty of taking up too much of my precious time. I think about the 2.5 hour movies that end up being awful, pointless day-long presentations at work, seven hour car trips to visit friends... I should be thrilled with a two hour church service. I should wish for a whole day, be sad to leave, soak up spirituality all I can. I should not be judging churches based on their ability to get me out of there. But I do. Maybe I should just set my phone to buzz at an hour, and the alarm will be "reminder: pray to stop being a selfish ahole, spacefem".

In between, we go back to our church. There are donuts. We got married there and have happy baptism memories too. We have a few friends, although not as many as I'd like for as long as we've been going there, a subtle failure to connect might be our fault but it also might not be, that's part of why we shop. I feel like moving around a bit isn't bad, if nothing else it's educational, you just always wonder if your home church would understand.
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