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kid update

Best recent quote about my kid: "Her speech is really improving. Now instead of saying words we never could understand, she's saying whole sentences that nobody can understand!" So true! First two words she ever put together: NO JUDY, thanks to our dog. But that was a long time ago and now she picks up all kinds of things, narrates what she's doing, sings and remembers songs. She can quickly identify whether there are one or two objects but the quantity stuff kinda just stops there. She can count, although past four sometimes the numbers get skipped or swapped around and they never have anything to do with what she's counting.

Best recent quote BY my kid: We were at humane society checking out the guinea pigs, and one of the little bays was empty. Josie looked to us for an explanation and we just said "he's not there, babe. no guinea pig." and she replies "he's at work?"

Figured out a way to make bathtime fun (for me, anyway)... I always let her color with watercolor markers before her bath. She likes to color herself just as much as any paper, so then when I wash her I can tell if I miss a spot. I kinda got the idea from the factory, where I work they use this floor sweep stuff on the shop floors, mostly because it sticks to smaller dirt so it's easier to sweep up but it also means they can tell where they've been. Super awesome idea for toddlers, right?

I have yet to convey this on pinterest, something tells me it wouldn't go over well anyway, most of the kids crafts on pinterest are ridiculous. I never anyone would feel the need to make designer improvements on the old-fashioned "magnet on a string to pick up paper fish with paper clips" game. Oh and apparently tissue paper flowers are big news to some people. It kinda kills me.

That could be a whole essay or something, maybe. I failed as a pinterest parent... about all the times you just give your kid plain construction paper and a black ink pen because that's all you can find and say "go at it!" and nothing good comes out, she's no artist, just like you. Just your fabulous toddler being herself and complimenting the fabulous mother that you are, just being yourself, and it won't translate well in an over-exposed photo. Just the big whatever that makes every day happen.
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