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clocks that aren't right

I must sound like the angriest person in my lj sometimes... I swear I'm not, I'm really very happy with life, I love all sorts of little things... morning walks with the dog, cream cheese sprout avocado salsa sandwiches, coffee, musicals, road trips, crafts. So many things, I'd just never be able to list them.

But I really fucking hate clocks that do not tell the correct time.

This has almost caused problems in my marriage because marc is one of those people who thinks it's okay to set a clock 10 minutes fast now and then because then he'll see the time, think he's late for something, rush to get ready, but not really be late. To me this is a stupid strategy because eventually you adapt, you know the clock is fast, and you go back to your time-pushing ways. We've sort of agreed to disagree on this one... as long as every clock in the house is okay, I try to ignore the one in his car.

I have some friends who hold a game night and rotate between each other's houses, and one of them uses clocks purely for decoration. Drives me up a freaking wall. They're all just there, showing times, and I'm obsessive about time, I need to see a clock wherever I'm at and know what time it is, and seeing WRONG clocks makes it even worse.

But the clock that really upsets me, the one inspiring this firstworldproblem entry, is our coffee maker. It has a slider on the left side to turn it on, and on the right side it has three buttons: hour, minute, and program. No "time lock" function... just whoever hits one of those hour or minute buttons bumps the time up, including my darling child, who scales her way to the kitchen counters like a some kind of super-sonic mountain goat and just looves those coffee maker buttons. But it's not always even her fault, it's everybody, my father-in-law makes coffee when he comes over (he's one of those guys who drinks it 24x7) and I swear I think he hits the hour button by mistake all the time. Or it just gets bumped, or maybe it hits itself, who knows?

Either way, if the clock is correct and someone bumps the hour button once, the only way for me to make it correct again is to hit it 23 times so it cycles back around. WHO DESIGNED THIS ATROCITY? It could be anything, at any time, I just want to make coffee but there's this damn clock that's never right.

I've actually considered buying a timer that turns it off every day, then on again at midnight. Or we could unplug it all the time, and plug it in every morning to make coffee, but we like to leave the coffee on for a few hours so we'd have that clock definitely wrong every day, right when I'm trying to get ready for work, the worst time.

Or I could buy a whole new coffee maker... one with no clock, since we don't program it! But that's a waste. The thing makes coffee just fine, it's that "bonus feature" I can't take. I know... don't let the little things ruin the big things, right? I can't help it. It drives me insane.
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