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grocery store self checkout incident of the day

I realize that emotional trauma related to grocery store self-checkout is totally a first world problem but zomg I HATE SELF-CHECKOUT... the problem is my husband just loves them and says "these problems" never happen to him when he's alone. when we go together, he always convinces me they'll be okay because he'll do the checking out and I just have to stand there. and of course, when he does it, there's never any machine repeating in an endless loop "PLEASE PUT THE ITEM BACK IN THE BAG AN ATTENDANT HAS BEEN CALLED TO ASSIST YOU" like it does.

Oh but today I messed it up I guess. The only good thing about self checkout is that there's not a person waiting impatiently while you count out exact change, which is something I like to do... get rid of my small change. So our total was $9.62. It says put in coins first, so I count the coins out in my hand and put them in the coin slot in quick succession... a penny, another one, a dime, two quarters... then realize it's not counting ANY of it. My last quarter is stuck just where I can see it through the slot, we try pushing on it a little but finally just call the lady over and explain there's a problem. She bangs on the machine but nothing happens.

So she tells us to put our cash in and maybe that'll help (huh?) and I put in $9. It says I owe $0.62, of course. I'm like, "If I put in another dollar you'll get me change, right?" she says sure. So I put in a dollar. It spits out $0.38. She's like, "See? There, it gave you your change."

Whoh, double-take, how did this take a turn to misunderstandingland? I explain "But it owes me a dollar in change, because I put in $10.62, see, you can SEE my sixty two cents right there in the coin slot." Again, she repeats that I got change. I'm like "Well at least put something up for the next person about how the coin counter doesn't work on this one!" She's like "The next person won't get your sixty two cents is that what you're so worried about? Your measly sixty two cents? You got your change IT WORKS FINE!"

Ya know, before she said that I was about ready to call it good and just walk away but now screw it, but now I felt like she was basically accusing me of stealing. I took a stand and told her I wanted my sixty two cents BACK because I put it in there, this whole situation was established based on the fact that I'd put the change in.

She sighs and counts me out $.62 and I'm holding the $.38 in my hand (have been the whole time) and I'm like, "Can I please just give you this $.38 and you can give me a whole dollar?" She says NO YOU ARE GETTING SIXTY TWO CENTS IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE SUCH A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT, DEFINITELY NOT A DOLLAR!"

dammit. I wanted to get rid of loose change, and walked out of there with more than I came in with.

I blame self checkout for this whole thing... kinda want to blame the dumbass lady who was assuming the worst in me too, but honestly the store registers make it a tiny bit easier for cashiers to just do their thing... you can't lose change in their hand, right?

I mean don't we all agree that self-checkout is just awful? Doesn't part of the price of my groceries go to pay someone to do this for me, so I don't have to scream at some machine or explain to someone who is CLEARLY NOT QUALIFIED TO TROUBLESHOOT what's happened to me over the past five minutes? My grocery prices don't go down, why do I have to scan my own crap with non-functioning equipment now?

And again as we're leaving Marc is shaking his head saying I'm just cursed.
Tags: ranting
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