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i'm on pinterest

First off, I have to say I basically fail at "early adopter". maybe I'm better than average, but that's only if you include the WORLD'S POPULATION in there... old people, mountain climbers, whoever else doesn't care about computers.

so I got on pinterest months ago but never really bothered to "get" it. everyone on etsy was on it, but the etsy people make everything awful, so that was a reason for me to avoid it. I had to get a separate account on twitter for my etsy stuff because I was following too many of those self-promoting, repeat-tweeting attention hungry crazy people and they were just driving me nuts, I kept being shocked when I'd go to, like, livejournal and feel like "oh my God, no one's trying to sell me some crappy overpriced bracelet? is this the internet? oh THAT'S RIGHT this is what the internet was like before I got into etsy..."

But anyway, my sister and neighbor are both way into pinterest and they seem like perfectly normal people so I logged back in after my long hiatus to follow them, and now it's kinda cool.

I think it's like twitter, except for pictures instead of sentences. You just sort of gaze over the field of everything and get a nice sense of what's going on.

So if you want to follow me, I'm here:

And I'd like to hear from any of you who have a pinterest, or if you've found someone follow-worthy that you'd recommend for me.

I mean like just this week I unfollowed all the original pinterest "staff" or whatever they recommend for you to follow when you first get on... it was very liberating. it's like that point on myspace when tom doesn't get to be in your top 8 anymore.
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