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The Olympics, Saudi Arabia, and why women have to be in sports

First off, YAY for Saudi Arabia sending women to the Olympic games for the first time.

Oddly enough, the article quoted high-ranking clerics as saying they still think it's a bad decision because this goes "against the nature of women", which made me laugh because seriously, physical activity is against the nature of women? Who do you think MAKES THE BABIES AROUND HERE?

Time for a public service announcement! If half your population is responsible for ALL physical creation and bearing of children, it's a good idea to keep that half physically fit. Encourage them to be in sports at young ages. Give them athletic role models... like olympians! This will be good for your society as a whole... very good.

And I'm not just saying this to Saudi Arabia... I'm talking to you, America. I still hear controversial murmurings about title IX 40 years after it's been in effect. You read articles about schools having to cut their wrestling programs in order to buy uniforms for a girls' volleyball team, and the cries ring out about how wrestling DESERVES to be a sport because... because... it always has been and... it's just not nice to... oh why do these girls need to be in sports?

We have missed the point of sports if we think it's all a big show for our entertainment, there for us to see what one person is THE GREATEST HUMAN EVER... as if that could be determined by a single athletic contest anyway (refer to the gem of a president in the film Idiocracy to catch my point). The point of sports is to bring us together, to teach us lessons about competition... and above all, to make us healthier. We learn to control, take care of, connect with, and have a healthy image of our bodies. If any one group of people needs that it's women.

We're doing our whole society a world of good if we pool our resources and make sure public schools can afford to keep gym classes going, just like we're helping ourselves by sending athletes to the olympics, where a wide range of diverse sports showcase the talents of everyone around the world and every little kid gets to see an athletic role model that looks like them.
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