Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my magically pricier house & other financial woes

so... you ever have one of those months when you're suddenly, inexplicably, broke as shit?

we bought a new bed for the guestroom, it wasn't all that expensive. then we decided that we needed a will, and paid a lawyer to do it even though my friends said to go to like turbowill or whatever online places to do it, I just wanted better peace of mind, this whole thing came about when someone pointed out that all married couples with kids need to have a will because otherwise your child becomes like a ward of the state when you die. so that was expensive to set up. I did some searching online and people were like "oh yeah, it's like $1000!" and ours was a lot less so I guess I should feel better, but still... that's another entry.

then my car insurance auto-billing got messed up and we got thrown back on a six month cycle, so I paid for six months of insurance at once, I didn't think it'd be a big deal.

then I (surprise!) couldn't pay my credit card bill and have to carry a balance.

but wait there's more! my house payment went up $100 A MONTH.

In March I got some vague letter from the bank in the mail... something about escrow shortages. It didn't have specific amounts or breakdowns of anything. I just set it aside. Until this month, when the bills piled up, and I was looking at the account like "why is the bank taking so much more?"

And out of all the things I'm bummed about paying right now, even though that $100 doesn't seem like much, it's really pissing me off. Everyone was like, "buy a house spacefem! quit throwing your money away on rent spacefem!" people in our apartment complex would bitch about renewing their lease and rent going up $15 or something.

exactly zero people told me that a monthly payment on a fixed rate mortgage can go up $100 whenever, because taxes change or insurance changes, and it's "throw away" money just like rent, doesn't go towards anything. just out. It's just now that I'm in the house and have no choice that I bitched to some coworkers about it and they're like "oh, yeah, that happens".


here's my financial strategy:

1) daily morning pep talks with my 12-year old car that's never did get that new timing belt, I'm just like "keep going, you're doing great, remember that fun oil change you got wasn't that nice?"

2) thinking about canceling cable. it's only $25 a month, we have the "avoid setting up an antenna" plan that's supposed to get you local channels and weather. but we never watch it. the only time we watch tv is when dad's in town and puts sports on.

3) if it gets really bad, I could consider saving up my paypal money that I get from etsy/cafepress/spoonflower. right now I spend it all... on etsy/cafepress/spoonflower.

4) call the bank and ask if this is just my new monthly bill for the rest of the year, or what.

5) bitch about it on lj.

of course, I'm already in "leave the credit card at home" mode, cash-only budget method.

my last strategy is just to wait for august, which is three paycheck month. I get paid every other week, 26 paychecks a year, which means that every once a while this magical thing happens, and the accounts just work out too well, and I say things like "we should save up to buy a bed for the guestroom!" or some other over-ambitiousness. I hate banking on it or looking at the calendar to figure out when it'll be, but it happens. a lot.
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