Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spacebaby says "asparagus"

except like totally not... this is indicative of how a LOT of her talking is going. she's excited about it, she's so freaking cute, we can't understand a thing she says.

actually, last weekend with everyone over I got lots of kudos for my jo-decoding skills. if she's got a rubber band and saying something like boda-ba she wants a pony tail. It kinda sounds like pony tail, but mostly I just know she likes her hair up (for five seconds, then she gets over it and pulls it out). she also likes back packs, milk (monk), pants (pihnts)... everything just sort of vaguely resembles english. she's enthusiastic, at least!

Also my dad says she's a good american, because if you don't understand her she just says the exact same thing louder and slower as if that'll help.

our favorite is the asparagus though, definitely, we tried to video it for a while. she's so ridiculous. backabackus!
Tags: spacebaby
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