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So, femcon... for years we joked on that there should be a "conference" of sorts, where we all get together, do seminars, party, that sort of thing. As years went on and more people turned 18 and had means to travel, we started getting together. Like, I was in Austin in 2009 to meet five others. But 2012 was always the YEAR because the forum started up in 2002. I'm not sure when the rest of spacefem was up, but my own forum registration date has always been there.

That's why there were 7 random internet people at my house this weekend. Two from texas, three from Iowa, one from Berkley, one from Washington DC. Well, I should say, they're random internet people who know each other REALLY well.

It was just the nerdy feminist summer camp feel we expected. We struggled to leave the house, grand tourism was a little too ambitious. Everyone mostly hung out in the basement, played cards and listened to music and talked about food and there was a looot of drinking... that's what happens when you're celebrating the ten year anniversary of a website that started off with a bunch of 14 year olds. Ten years later, they're of age! It freaks me out.

Anyway by Sunday we had everyone realizing that the dream of the spacefem hippie commune house would have to be different to be sustainable, you can't just party with your friends until 5am for multiple days in a row without feeling kinda rough.

I'm so bad at sleepover parties. Ever since I was a kid, I was the one who'd crash early, then wake up early, and wander around foraging for breakfast while everyone else was conked out for hours. I'm even worse now. The latest I stayed up was Sunday, after the crowd had dwindled to three and we just talked, it was a little calmer.

But the thing is, even though it's my website, it's become not so much about me anyway. So many other people have closer relationships with each other than they do with me. That's okay, I made it for them... people like me I could help out, maybe validate some good feminist inklings, keep it fun, that's what the site got to be about I think. So I felt okay, being a little weird this weekend, the one who can't sleep in, the one with the kid. When I was there I loved it, and when I did get everyone out and shopping they had a good time, and I made it into the videos.

I'm a small part of the story. A long time ago the forum members started referring to me as "lady spacefem", that's the person spacefem, whereas spacefem in any other context is really everyone. It's taken on a life of its own. Maybe I'm like the title character of the Wizard of Oz... important, but not really a role with many lines?

We fantasized that for the next ten year, we'll all be rich and we'll have it in Paris. It could happen. Or it could happen wherever I'm at, who knows, maybe I'll still have the biggest house, maybe it'll be like it always has been online. Everyone just needs to be together, I can provide a good place.
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